Having had an exam, I was surprised by the outcome. Diane explained my results and gave me options by assessing my insurance plan and future possibilities. Very warm and honest. I will act accordingly with her when I can. Differerent from other audiologists for sure. It's hard to face this particular reality alone. She makes it easier.
Jay Taylor, on Google
I was able to get an appointment on short notice for a time sensitive issue. The audiologist was professional and very knowledgeable. She explained the results and answered all of my (and my wife's) questions. I had a great experience and would highly recommend Hearing Lab.
Tychus Findlay, on Google
Welcoming office with Jessica! Diane is a professional and caring audiologist; unfortunately I’m getting older,but she tries her best to help me.
Len Tomasello, on Google
I see Elise in the Largo, FL office. She has spent a lot of time with me trying to get me set up with a transmitter to hear the TV better. She has been very patient and kind; and after several hours we came up with a solution. I recommend Elise at Miracle Ear in Largo, FL for your hearing aid needs.
Sue Jacoby, on Google
Diane and Jessica make a wonderful team… When you enter the office there’s always a warm friendly atmosphere… Never have to wait long, and I’m not there forever. Reservations are simple and easy . Diane is an absolute pro… She’s quick, efficient, and very professional… She answers all questions thoroughly, and when you leave, it’s your own fault if you don’t understand her responses because she gives you all the time you need. By following her advice, it actually makes me feel that I hear better… And I do… I support the hearing lab experience wholeheartedly ..,
Duke Botthof, on Google

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